This website has been designed to be accessible to the widest possible audience. This is regardless of technical ability and which internet browser is being used. This includes those people with visual, hearing, motor or cognitive impairments. If you have any comments then please contact us using the details on the privacy page.
W3C Validation

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This site has been tested on a large number of internet browsers including-
- Internet Explorer
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Keyword Shortcuts

The site can be navigated by using keyboard shortcuts as follows-

Windows & Linux Users
(except the Opera Browser)
Alt & '0' Welcome Page
Alt & '1' About Page
Alt & '2' People Page
Alt & '3' Recording Page
Alt & '4' Resources Page
Alt & '5' Links Page
Alt & '6' Contact Page
Alt & '7' 'The Man' Page
Alt & '8' Privacy Page
Alt & '9' Accessibility Page
Mac Users
Ctrl & '0' Welcome Page
Ctrl & '1' About Page
Ctrl & '2' People Page
Ctrl & '3' Recording Page
Ctrl & '4' Resources Page
Ctrl & '5' Links Page
Ctrl & '6' Contact Page
Ctrl & '7' 'The Man' Page
Ctrl & '8' Privacy Page
Ctrl & '9' Accessibility Page

If you are using the Opera browser, you should press the 'shift' key and the 'Escape' key together, then release both keys and then press the access number as above.

Internet Explorer 5+ on PC- you should press 'Enter' after you have pressed the access keys to navigate to the page.

Konqueror - You should press 'ctrl' instead of 'alt'

Netscape 6 and earlier (Windows/Mac), Internet Explorer 4.5 (Mac) - unfortunately access keys are not supported. It is recommended that you upgrade to a newer browser.